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Remote Team Building

How to improve team collaboration while working from home

Working from Home

During the first Corona lockdown in early 2020, many companies had to react quickly and give their employees the option to work from home. Even companies that are used to working partially remotely faced the challenge to completely change how teams collaborate. The main focus was to enable everything as quickly as possible on a technical level.

Now we are heading towards the next lockdown, with no "back to normal" in sight anytime soon. This leads to the question

"How can we manage to have good teamwork in a remote situation?"

There is no quick coffee or chat during meetings, some new employees have never met their colleagues in person, face-to-face team building is no longer possible.


This 1-day online workshop is based on short-, medium- and long-term pillars that deal with team strengths, values and concrete cooperation in a remote situation. In addition there will be fun of course!


The team grows together and takes concrete next steps for a successful and close cooperation.

Send an e-mail if you are interested!

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